Son of Rāvaṇa(Ravana). Indraśatru(Indrasatru; Enemy of Indra) was one of those powerful Rākṣasas (Rakshasa; a type of monsters) who, in front of Rāvaṇa, expressed their eagerness to fight against Rāmacandra (Ramachandra), before the battle of Laṇkā(Lanka). He expressed his urge to defeat Rāma (Rama), Lakṣmaṇa (Lakshmana), Sugrīva(Sugriva) and Hanumān (Hanuman), and asked for Rāvaṇa’s permission to do so. It is possible that Rāvaṇa’s valiant, eldest son Indrajit is referred o here as Indraśatru.