Indrasāvarṇi (Indrasavarni) will be Manu, ruler of the fourteenth Manvantara in future. During his time, Śuci (Suchi)will attain the status of Indra. Gods will be divided into such gaṇas as Cāṣuṣa, Pavitra an so on. Sages like Agni, Vāhu (Vahu), Śuci, Śuddha (Suddha), Māgadha (Magadha) will be known as Saptarṣi(Saptarshi; the sacred clauster of Seven Seers). Uru, Gambhīra (Gambhira), Vudha will be the names of the sons sired by Indrasāvarṇi Manu. In this Manvantara, God Srī Hari will be born in the mortal world, out of the womb of Vitānā and sired by Satrāyaṇa. In this incarnation, his name will be Vṛhadbhānu (Vrihadbhanu).