Indumatī (Indumati) was the wife of king Āyu 9Ayu). She became pregnant by eating the fruit given by Sage Dattātreya (Dattatreya). One night she dreamed that a divine figure of a Brāhmaṇa (Brahmana) was entering into his chamber. This divine being with four arms, carrying saṁkha (samkha; conch), cakra (chakra; a wheel-like weapon), gadā(gada; mace) and so on — called Indumatī and bathed her repeatedly with kṣīra(kshira; condensed milk) flowing from the saṁkha. Then he threw a luminous śvetanāga (swetanaga; a white snake) towards the corner of her face. He also put a fruit of pearl in her throat, and finally, giving a lotus to Indumatī’s hand, departed. King Āyu, hearing all these from his wife, called his guru Mahabhāga (Mahabhaga; the great and blessed one) Śaunaka(Saunaka) and told him everything about the dream. Śaunaka told the king that as a result of this dream, Indumatī will give birth to an excellent son, blessed with partial attributes of God Viṣṇu (Vishnu). That son will be dedicated to dharma, handsome, he will expand the Somavaṁsa (Somavamsa, the clan of Soma), and he will be well-versed in Veda and the art of archery. Learning this, both Āyu and Indumatī became very happy.