Several modern scholars think that there had been a river called Irāvatī (Iravati) in eastern India, too. It was not impossible that some river of eastern India was renamed as Irāvati(Iravati) during the Aryanisation of this region. According to scholars, Rāptī (Rapti) is the changed name of this Irāvati. This flows by Awadh or Ayodhyā (Ayodhya).

Since in Garuḍapuraṇa(Garudapurana) Irāvatī is mentioned along with the river Gaṇḍakī(Gandaki) — krṣṇā venī bhīmarathā gaṇḍakī yā tvirāvatī — it can also be thought that this Irāvatī refers to Rāptī that flows by the side of Awadh.