Ṛksahasrāmitekṣaṇa (Riksaharamitekshana) is one of the Aṣṭottara Sahasranāma (Ashtottara Sahasranama; Thousand and Eight Names) of God Śiva (Siva). The term Īkṣaṇa(Ikshana) derives from the Sanskrit dhātu (dhatu; verb-root) Īkṣ (Iksh), which means ‘to see’ or ‘to behold’. In this sense, amitekṣaṇa (amita + īkṣaṇa) denotes innumerable visualising organs. The Thousands and hundreds of mantras (hymns) in Ṛgveda (Rigveda) are like the eyes of Mahādeva, which are the manifestation of his supreme, infinite knowledge. Hence his name Ṛksahasrāmitekṣaṇa. The name can also be explained somewhat differently. His Supreme Divine can be envisioned through the thousands of Ṛgvedic mantras, which are like the eyes of knowledge.