Ṛkṣa (Riksha) was the son sired by Ariha, and born of the womb of Sudevā (Sudeva), the princess of the kingdom of Aṇga (Anga). He married Jvālā (Jwala), the daughter of Takṣaka (Takshaka). Matināra (Matinara) was born of the womb of Jvālā, sired by Ṛkṣa.

According to Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), Ṛkṣa’s father, Ariha was the son of King Devātithi (Devatithi). In the Purāṇas (Purana; Mythological Scripture), Ṛkṣa is directly mentioned as the son of Devāthithi, not as his grandson. According to Purāṇa, Bhīmasena is the son of Ṛkṣa.