A powerful Vānara (Vanara) born of the tears of God Brahmā (Brahma). One day, while practicing Yoga, tears rolled down his eyes. He took those tear-drops in both his hands and smeared it over his body. But one drop of tear fell on the ground and immediately, Ṛkṣarajā (Riksharaja) emerged from it. He was the father of Vālī (Vali)and Sugrīva (Sugriva). He was also the king of all the Vānara race.
After his birth he spent a certain period of time at Meruparvata (the mythical mountain called Meru) and lived on fruits. One day, while drinking water from a lake situated on the pinnacle of Uttarameru (the northern peak) , he mistook his own reflection as an enemy, and in order to kill that reflected image, entered into the lake. As soon as he did so, he got transformed into a beautiful woman. seeing him in the shape of a woman, Sūrya (Surya) and Indra got charged erotically. Impregnated by the vital energy of Indra and Sūrya, Vālī and Sugrīva were born, respectively. the night being over, Ṛkṣarajā got back his Vānara shape. He, along with his two sons, went to Brahmā’s  sabhā (sabha; celestial court in the divine abode of Brahma). Brahmā appointed him the king of Kiṣkindhyā (Kishkindhya).