Ṛṇamocanatīrtha (Rinamochanatirtha)is a sacred site of pilgrimage on the bank of Gautamī Gaṅgā (Gautami Ganga)or Godāvarī (Godavari). The two sons of king Kākṣīvān(Kakshivan) did not get married, and therefore, they were unable to procreate and maintain the genealogical line. For this, their forefathers got angry with them, and God Brahmā (Brahma) advised them to visit a sacred place on the bank of Godāvarī and get relieved of pitṛṛṇa (pitririna; debts owing to forefathers), by offering tarpaṇa (tarpana; holy water) to the forefathers. The place where the sons of Kākṣīvān got free from their pitṛṛṇa, is known as Ṛṇamocanatīrtha (Rinamochanatirtha).