In the Vali-Vāsava (Vali-Vasava; Vasava is another name of god Indra) saṁvāda (samvada; discoure) belonging to Śāntiparva (Santiparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), in response to the humiliating behaviour of Indra, the proud king of gods,  Vali — king of the Asura, advised the former on the transience of kingdom, material wealth and possessions. In this context, Vali mentioned a number of Asura kings of the past, who had once temporarily conquered Svargaloka (Swargaloka; the heavenly abode), reigned there, and enjoyed all sorts of wealth. In this context, Vali mentioned the name of Ṛṣabha(Rishabha).