Urvaśīramaṇa (Urvasiramana)  is a sacred site of pilgrimage in Prayāga (Prayaga). Probably because of the presence of many swans in this site, this site is described as of a pale-white complexion like the colour of the swans. Visiting this tirtha, one may attain wealth and company of women.

Urvaśīramaṇa was possibly a beautiful orchard as well, and this was located at the border of Pratiṣṭhānapura (Pratishanapura), as scholars opine. This orchard was called so because Urvaśī (Urvasi) and Pururavā (Pururava) used to enjoy their time together in this place. According to the scholar D.P. Dubey, still there is a sand-covered place on the east side of the river Gārigā (Gariga) in Prayāga. According to him, the ancient Urvaśīramaṇa was located in this place. Before Hastināpura (Hastinapura) was founded, the predecessors of the Kaurava ruled in Pratiṣṭhānapura. the kingdom of Pururavā was believed to be in this Pratiṣṭhānapura. So it is also possible that Urvaśiramaṇa was situated at the pepiphery of Pratiṣṭhānapura.