Vedic Index of Names and Subjects
  • Agastya

    When God Srīhari (Shrihari) created Urvaśi (Urvashi) from his thighs, all the gods were bewitched by her. Mitra was one of the gods of the pair Mitrāvaruṇa (Mitravaruna). Urvaśī consented when Mitra sought union with her. But Varuṇa (Varuna) followed her, pulling at the corner of her dress. Urvasī told him, “Mitra has courted me […]

  • Arka – 1

    The dhātu (dhatu; verb-root) ‘arc’ means ‘to pray, to praise and worship’. In one mantra of Ṛgveda (Rigveda), the term has been used in the sense of ‘one who is worthy of worship’. In the hymn dedicated to Indra, composed by Sage Madhucchandā (Madhucchanda), the first line is as follows — gāyanti tvā gāyatrino arcantyarkaṃ […]

  • Ayasya

    In Vāyupurāṇa (Vayupurana), Ayāsya (Ayasya) has been mentioned as Ayasya. Ayāsya was one of the sons born of the womb of Pathyā (Pathya), and sired by Maharṣi (Maharshi; Great Sage) Aṅgirā (Angira). In Purāṇa (Purana; Mythological Scripture), his name has been mentioned as one of the mantradraṣṭā (seer of holy hymns) sages of Veda. He […]