Āpastamva(Apastamva) is a mantradraṣṭā ṛṣi (mantradrashta rishi; seer of the sacred hymns). In the Dvāpara(Dwapara) age, there is a decline of the intellect of the human beings. Then, the people detach themselves from Śiva, and get addicted to avarice, they become impatient. Gradually varṇasaṁkara (varnasamkara; caste-hybridity) increases and the varṇadharmāśrama (the codes of the varna system) is about the collapse. In order to provide a structure of discipline for the society, Āpastamva composed dharmaśāstra (dharmasastra; scriptures relating codes of ethics) . Texts like Āpastamva Śrautasūtra, Āpastamva Gṛhyasūtra, Āpastamva Dharmasūtra are attributed to Āpastamva.

In Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana) it is said that Sage Āpastamva performed putreṣṭi yajña (putreshti yajna; a ritual of yajna in the hope of bearing a son) for Diti.