One of the major names of Śiva (Shiva) featuring in the Aṣtottarasahasranāmastotra (Ashtottarasahasranamastotra; an incantation recounting one thousand and eight names of Śiva). He is instated beyond and above the limits of material wealth and prosperity, ornamentations and embellishments, and therefore, Purāṇas (Puranas), as well as localized folk tales, depict Śiva as an impoverished pauper. From this very sense Mahādeva (Mahadeva), instated beyond the limitations of material fixation or greed, is known as Adhana. Nīlkaṇtha (Nilkantha), the annotator has elaborated on the term Adhana in the following manner –

Adhanaḥ digambaratwāt.