One of the important names of Śiva (Shiva) featuring in the Aṣtottarasahasranāmastotra (Ashtottarasahasranamastotra; an incantation recounting one thousand and eight names of Śiva). The word dharṣaṇa (dharshana) comes from the root dhṛṣ (dhrish) which means being angry or envious and so on. God is contemplated in his tranquil and benevolent manifestation in the name Śiva. He is imagined in the benign non-violent avatar; his blissful and idyllic manifestation rests beyond and above the limitations of envy, anger or dharṣaṇa, and therefore he is Adharṣaṇa. Again, because he can never be manipulated into anger or perplexity under any circumstance, Śiva-Mahādeva is known as Adharṣaṇa. Elucidating on this aspect, Nīlkaṇtha (Nilkantha), the annotator has elaborated on the term Adharṣaṇa as –

adharṣaṇaḥ aprakampyaḥ