In Vanaparva of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) the great sage Pulastya describes several holy places, Adhivaṇga (Adhivanga) being one of them. It is depicted in Mahābhārata that this sacred place is inhabited by Yakṣas (Yaksha) or Guhyakas who are the caretakers of the treasures of the world. Visiting this holy place gives people the chance to live in close proximity with the Yakṣas and form acquaintance with them.

The location of this sacred place, however, is not mentioned in Mahābhārata. Scholars are yet to decide upon the present-day location of this site. From the presence of the word vaṇga in Adhivaṇga, the place is presumed to have been located approximately near North Bengal or Nepal. Several times in the Mahābhārata the Yakṣas have been said to inhabit the Himalayan mountain region. Therefore, the holy site of Adhivaṇga can also be located in the Himalayan mountainous regions near to Bengal.