A township referred to in Padmapurāṇa (Padmapurana).

It is considered the same to be as the Karūṣa (Karusha) region that is mentioned in Purāṇas (Puranas). Possibly, it refers to the region of Rewa in Baghelkhand in central India. It lies to the south-west of Allahabad, 131 miles away. It is situated to the north east of the Indian Ocean, 182 miles away. Adhirāja (Adhiraja) or Adhirājya (Adhirajya) kingdom was referred to in Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) in the context of Sahadeva’s conquests. It came up once more during a general discussion of various rivers and kingdoms of India. By the by, during the period of Sahadeva’s invasions, it is said that the ruler of Adhirājya was Dantavakra. But, Dantavakra was the elder brother of Śiśupāla (Shishupala), the king of Cedī (Chedi), and he used to reign over Karūṣa. Hence, it is known that Adhirāja or Adhirājya and Karūṣa are one and the same.