Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) (Vanaparva) mentions a lake called Agastya Sarovara near Pushkar in Rajasthan. 

Again, it is also true that there is a place called Agastyāśrama (agastyashrama; ‘abode of Agastya’) on the Aravalli Mountains, four kilometers to the southwest of Pushkar. A cave named after the sage can also be seen here.

  • From the presence of these places like the Agastya Lake and the Agastya Cave or the Abode of Agastya, it can be easily inferred that sage Agastya used to stay around Pushkar at some point of time. It is this that led to the establishment of this particular Agastya-āśrama. [Indologica Jaipurensia: Research Journal of the Historical Research Documentation Programme, Jaipur, Vol. 1. p10]