Rāmāyaṇa (Ramayana) mentions that sage Agastya’s āśrama (ashrama; ‘abode’) was located four yojana to the south of his brother’s āśrama. In course of the description of this Agastya-āśrama , sage Agastya’s exploits have also been described, all of which seemingly took place in South India. The southern part of India had become habitable to all because of Agastya being the first one to have arrived in his region – yasya bhrātrā kṛteyaṁ dik śaraṇyā puṇyakarmaṇā. It is an established truth that sage Agastya took the beacon of Aryan civilisation to South India – nāmnā ceyaṁ bhagavato dakṣiṇā dik pradakṣiṇā

Matching with this information, scholars identify this Agastya-āśrama with a place named Akolha towards east of Nasik in Maharashtra.