A site of pilgrimage situated at the foot of the Vindhyas. Here Prajāpati Prāchetas Daksha (Prajapati Prachetas Daksha) prayed to Srī Harī (Srihari) and pleased Him by composing a hymn, titled Haṃsaguhya (Hamsagujhya), in His honour.

According to N.L. Dey, the ancient pilgrimage of Aghamarṣana (Aghamarshan) constituted the present locales of Dhara, Kundi and Bedhak of Amuya village, which falls under the Raghu Aujanagar subdivision of Satna district in Madhya Pradesh. This place is still well known as Abharkhan. In Dhara there is a temple of Siddheśvar Mahādeva (Siddheshwar Mahadeva); in Kundi there is a holy water tank; and in Bedhak the ceremonial altar where Prajāpati Daksha prayed is present.