Agnidhārātīrtha (Agnidharatirtha) is a riverside site of pilgrimage in Gayātīrtha (Gayatirtha). Agnidhārā is a river that has its source on the Udyantaka Hills — agnidhārā girivarādāgatyodyantakāduna.

It is a place considered extremely sacred for performing funeral rites of the manes and offering of the obsequial cake to them. 

  • Scholars differ in their opinions regarding the present day location of Agnidhārātīrtha. Though most scholars think that Agnidhārātīrtha lies within Gayakṣetra itself (in modern day Gaya in the state of Bihar), some of them hold that Gautamavana, which lies at the source of the Godavarī river near Nasik, is the actual location of Agnidhārātīrtha.