Agnīdhra (Agnidhra) was one of the ten sons born to Viśvakarmā’s (Vishwakarma) daughter Varhiṣmatī (Varhishmati) and  Svāyambhuva (Swayambhuva) Manu. He was made the king of Jambudvīpa (Jambudweepa) — jambudvīpeśvaraṃ cakre agnīdhrantu mahābbalam

According to some other Puranic variations, all of these ten scions of Manu were not sons of Svāyambhuva Manu, but his grandsons – sons of his eldest son Priyavrata [the younger was called Uttānapāda (Uttanapada)]. Agnīdhra was the eldest of these ten sons of Priyavrata. 

Agnīdhra, or Āgnīdhra (Aagnidhra), was ruling his kingdom of Jambudvīpa in perfect happiness when he became desirous of having sons and started tapasyā (tapasya) on Brahmā (Brahma) on Mandara Parvata (Mandara Mountain). Through his divine power, Brahmā came to know of Agnīdhra’s wishes and sent Pūrvacitti, an apsarā (apsara) serving in the heavenly court as a supreme singer, to Agnīdhra — tadupalabhya bhagavān ādipuruṣa sadasi gayantīṃ pūrvacittiṃ nāmāpsarām abhiyāpayāmāsa. When Agnīdhra first set his eyes upon Pūrvacitti, the turn of events was quite dramatic — Pūrvacitti was then desperately trying to flee from the swarm of bees whom the scent effused from her body had attracted to her. Although Agnīdhra was enamored by the mesmerizing beauty of a celestial maiden, his inexperience with the beauty of the female physique caused him to address her in the manner of a sage he had never seen before. After praising her beauty in profuse terms, he finally asked her to join him in his contemplation of Brahmā. However, Brahmā’s boon eventually made him realize that this woman had come to his place of worship to become his wife. The king of Jambudvīpa continued to spend many happy years of conjugal life with Pūrvacitti. Pūrvacitti gave birth to nine sons by Agnīdhra — namely, Nābhi (Nabhi), Kimpuruṣa (Kimpurusha), Hari, Ilāvṛta (Ilavrita), Ramyaka, Hiraṇmaya (Hiranmaya), Kuru, Bhadrāśva (Bhadrashwa) and Ketumāla (Ketumala). In fact these are the names of nine lands or countries of the Earth as known in the age of Purāṇas (Purana). After presenting the king with these nine children, Pūrvacitti went back to her own place in the court of Brahmā. However, Agnīdhra’s desire for Pūrvacitti was still left unsatisfied and he kept on thinking about her till his last days. After his death, Agnīdhra’s soul went on to the realm of the apsarā