A rākṣasa (rakshasa). Before the war of Laṅkā (Lanka) many rākṣasa generals came to Rāvaṇa (Ravan) to encourage him to wage a battle against Rāmacandra’s (Ramchandra) army so that Rāmacandra’s forces could be crushed. Agniketu was one of these generals. He sought Rāvaṇa’s permission to fulfil his wish of killing Rāma (Ram), Lakṣmaṇa (Lakshman), Sugrīva (Sugriv) and Hanumān (Hanuman) in armed combat. 

During the battle of Laṅkā, Agniketu, joining three other skilled warrior rākṣasa, fought Rāma. Their combined force overwhelmed Rāma when he was shot with their arrows. A rejuvenated and enraged Rāma retaliated by beheading all the four rākṣasa. Agniketu thus died in the hand of Rāma.