Agniśira (Agnishira) is a place of pilgrimage located on the bank of the river Yamunā (Yamuna). Sahadeva of the Sṛṅjaya (Srinjaya) lineage [that is Pāñcāla-Sṛṅjaya (Panchala-Srinjaya)] had measured a plot of land at this place with a stick of the Śamī(Shami)-wood [which is called śamyā (shamya) in Sanskrit] and performed a yajña (yajna) here. Maybe because Sahadeva had conquered the country on the banks of Yamunā, he performed a yajña at the holy site of Agniśira — agnayaḥ sahadevena sevitā yamunāmanu. We also find Bharata Dauṣyanti (Daushyanti; a scion of the Bharata lineage) performing Aśvamedha (Ashwamedha) yajña at the same place later on. It indicates that at one point of time this region come into the possession of the Bharata or Paurava dynasty from the hands of Sahadeva of the Pāñcāla.