This person has been represented with both the names Akṛti (Akriti) and Ākṛti (Aakriti) in Mahābhārata (Mahabharata). Akṛti was the brother of Kṛṣṅa’s (Krishna) father-in-law Bhīṣmaka (Bhishmaka), the king of Vidarbha. In the accounts of Mahābhārata his valour has been compared to that of Paraśurāma’s (Parashurama). Kṛṣṅa has mentioned Akṛti as one of the kings loyal to Jarāsandha (Jarasandha). Bhīṣmaka’s brother Akṛiti was the lord of the land of Surāṣtra (Surashtra). During the phase of world-conquest that preceded the Rājasūya (Rajasuya) yajña (yajna), Akṛti was defeated by Sahadeva.