Anāmaya (Anamaya) is one of the one thousand epithets of Viṣṇu (Vishnu). Śaṅkarācārya (Sankaracharya) comments on the term –

āntarairbahyairvyadhibhiḥ karmajairna pīḍayata iti anāmayaḥ.

The word anāmaya literally means ‘one devoid of āmaya (amaya)’. The Sanskrit word āmaya means ‘ailment’, ‘malady’ or ‘means of suffering’. God, as the Supreme Being, is above all ailments. All the classical religious texts, like Upaniṣadas (Upanishada) also consider Him to be above karma too, which is the origin of all suffering as well as happiness of life. Therefore Viṣṇu, manifestation of the Supreme Being who is beyond reach of universal misery and happiness and good and evil, has come to be known as Anāmaya.