A holy place mentioned in Rāmāyaṇa (Ramayana). Sage Viśvāmitra (Vishwamitra) was on his way back to his hermitage along with Rāmacandra (Ramachandra) and Lakṣmaṇa (Lakshmana). After crossing the Sarayū (Sarayu) River, they spotted another hermitage at the confluence of the rivers Gaṅgā (Ganga) and Sarayū. Rāmacandra and Lakṣmaṇa asked whom it belonged to. Viśvāmitra told them that it used to be Madanadeva’s residence at one point of them. Once Rudradeva himself was engaged in religious austerities there. Kāmadeva, out of jest, hypnotised Rudradeva into an infatuated state when the latter was strolling about after completing his meditation. Following this, Kāmadeva’s body was burnt the moment an enraged Rudradeva looked at him. Kāmadeva’s aṅga (anga; body) was charred by the glance cast by Rudra at this place, and hence the appellation of the site as Anaṅgatīrtha (Anangatirtha).

However, variations of this tale can be found elsewhere.