A holy mountain. It is extremely suitable for performing obsequies.

Subodh Kapoor relates that according to Bārhaspatyasūtra  (Barhaspatyasutra), the Ananta mountain is a Vaiṣṇava (Vaishnava) site. It is also known as Anantapadmanābha (Anantapadmanabha). It is the Anantapura area of the present Trivandrum. There is a temple dedicated to God Padmanābha (Padmanabha) in Anantapura. It is known that Śrīcaitanyadeva (Shrichaitanyadeva) and Nityānanda Mahāprabhu (Nityananda Mahaprabhu) once visited this holy place. This place also goes by the name Padmanābhapura (Padmanabhapura). It is worth mentioning in this context that small hillocks are spread over the locale of Padmanābhapura or Anantapura. These are probably detached extensions of the Western Ghats.