Aṇḍakaṭāha (Andakataha) is situated at the end of andhakāra (andhakara, or darkness) and 44 crores 89 lakhs 80 thousand yojanas below it. The keepers of the eastern, southern, western and northern parts are Vasudhāmā (Vasudhama). Saṃkhapāla (Sankhapala), Takṣakeśa (Takshakesha) and Ketumāna (Ketumana) respectively. They, along with their respective wives Harasiddhi (Harasiddhi), Suparṇākṣhī (Suparnakshi), Bhāskarā (Bhaskara) and Yoganandinī Devī (Yoganandini Devi), watch over the central part of aṇḍakaṭāha.

It is assumed that Viṣṇuloka (Vishnuloka) and Rudraloka lie outside the aṇḍakaṭāha. It encapsulates the entire universe. Aṇḍakaṭāha is in turn surrounded by ten folds of water; this body of water is wrapped in ten folds of tejas or energy; the teja then is encircled by ten folds of air; this air, once again is surrounded by the firmament ten times over; the sky is encircled by ten times of greatness, and, that greatness is wrapped entirely in ten folds of the supreme primordial.