Aṅgāreśvara (Angareshwara) is a site of pilgrimage situated on the northern bank of the river Narmadā (Narmada). Rudraloka may be attained as a result of visiting this holy place. The residing deity of Aṅgāreśvara is God Rudraśiva (Rudrashiva). In an alternate version, this place has been noted as Agāreśvara (Agareshwara). It is auspicious to perform ablutions here on aṅgāraka caturthī (angarak chaturthi), the fourth day of the dark lunar fortnight [a date already auspicious for worshipping Gaṇeśa (Ganesha)] when it coincides with a Tuesday.

The holy place of Aṅgāreśvara presently falls within the Bharuch district of Gujarat.