Bharata and Śatrughna (Shatrughna) were at their maternal uncle’s home when King Daśaratha (Dasharatha), their father, passed away. Bharata, who was in a hurry to return to Ayodhyā (Ayodhya) from Kekaya, crossed River Yamuna and reached a village named Aṃśudhāna (Angshudhan) after navigating through a great forest. River Gaṅgā (Ganga) flowed past this village but its expanse here was vast and its current tumultuous; this prevented Bharata from crossing Gaṅgā from this village. So he had to travel to a town nearby known as Prāgvaṭa (Pragbata) in order to cross the Gaṅgā. It is difficult to ascertain the present location of Aṃśudhāna.