One of the seven varṣaparvata (varshaparvata; principal mountains) in the mythical land of Śākadvīpa (Sakadweepa), one is Śyamaparvata (Syamaparvata; the Syama Mountains). Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana) identifies the country at the foothills of Śyamaparvata as Anīcaka (Anichaka) or Anīcakavarṣa (Anichakavarsha; the land or country called Anīcaka). Etymologically the adjective anīca (anicha) means ‘not low’ or ‘high’. Such an interesting name of the country seems to originate from its undulating geological texture, as is natural for any foothill country. Anīcakavarṣa is also known as Ānandakavarṣa (Anandakavarsha; the land or country called Ānandaka).