The art of gaining mastery over raging elephants was known by the name of añjalikāvedha (anjalikavedha). Droṇaparva (Dronaparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) informs that Bhīma (Bhima) was adept in this subject. In Droṇaparva once we see Bhagadatta, the king of Prāgjyotiṣpura (Pragjyotishpura), destroying Bhīma’s horse and chariot. Bhīma, who knew the technique of controlling elephants, fearlessly ran up to the mountainous elephant which Bhagadatta was riding. Hiding himself under the elephant itself, he started teasing the beast in such a manner, rubbing and poking it in such ways, that it lost all interest in fighting and began spinning fast (like a cartwheel) on the same spot. Bhīma could manage doing this because he had the knowledge of the science called añjalikāvedha.