Añjasī (Anjasi) is a river mentioned in Ṛgveda (Rigveda). In a hymn, Sage Kutsa, son of Aṅgirā (Angira), takes the name of this river together with two others: Kuliśī (Kulisi) and Vīrapatnī (Virapatni). 

Manohar Lal Bhargava observes that the course of Añjasī stretched through the regions of Kailor, Kunjheri, Mauli, Manauli, Mota and Jansia; thereafter the river divided in several distributaries which flowed by the North-West of the Rajpur region. Bhargava considers the river to be a part of the Sarasvatī (Sarasvati) river system. It is popularly believed that the river used to flow through some part of Rajasthan of today, but scholars are in the dark regarding the current state of the river.