Asikuṇḍa (Asikunda) is a sacred tīrtha (tirtha; site of pilgrimage) located in Mathurā (Mathura).In Varāhapurāṇa (Varahapurana) it is said that there was a tyrannical and evil king called Vimati in ancient times. At the request of the tīrtha(s), God Viṣṇu, assuming the form of a Varāha (Varaha; Swine), fought against this king Vimati. He killed the king with an asi (a sword). After slaying the king, the sword got thrust into the soil of that place. While digging up the earth to release the sword, a sacred kuṇḍa (kunda; a deep water-reservoir) appeared there. This kuṇḍa came to be known as Asikuṇḍa. It is a celebrated site of pilgrimage located in Mathurā, and having a bath in this kuṇḍa, one may attain great fruits of Puṇya (Punya)(virtuous deeds).