A male offspring conceived by Satī (Sati) and fathered by Aṅgirā (Angira). A prominent sage. The descendants and disciples of this lineage grew into a clan or an order of sages (varga). The entire Atharvaveda divided in two parts is known as Atharvāṅgirasa (Atharvangirasa) Veda and the supremacy of Atharvaveda over Ṛgveda (Rigveda), Sāmaveda (Samaveda) and others is illustrated through the honorific of Atharvāṅgirasa –

atharvāṅgirasī heyṣā śrutīnāmuttamā śrutiḥ

The offspring fathered by Aṅgirā to Satī – Atharvāṅgirasa is designated in Bhāgvatapurāṇa (Bhagavatapurana) as Atharvaveda itself. Again, the atharvāṅgirasī (atharvangirasi) knowledge or skill is indicted as being a malevolent kṛtyā (kritya) to others in Mahābhārata (Mahabharata).