In Sabhāparva(Sabhaparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), in course of describing the sabhā(sabha; court or assembley) of Varuṇa (Varuna, the god of water) Nārada(Narada) describes the major rivers present there. The name of one such river is Ātreyī(Atreyi), who has a special position in the court of Varuṇa. This river is mentioned along with Lauhitya or Brahmaputra. Some other rivers flowing across the eastern region of India have been mentioned along with them, so it is assumed that the river Ātreyī(Atreyi) that originates in West Dinajpur district in Paschimbanga (West Bengal) , enters Bangladesh and gets assimilated with the river Brahmaputra, is identical with the one mentioned in Mahābhārata. The eminent scholar N.L. Dey is also of the same opinion.