Ikṣumatī (Ikshumati)  A river flowing across Kurukṣetra (Kurukshetra). In Ādiparva (Adiparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), it is said that Takṣaka and Aśvasena lived on the bank of this river.

After the exile of Rāmacandra (Ramachandra) followed by the death of Daśaratha (Dasaratha), Vaśiṣṭha(Vasistha) sent several ambassadors to the kingdom of Kekaya, in order to call Bharata back, for coronation. These ambassadors, on the way to Kekaya, crossed many rivers and localities. On the way from Ayodhyā (Ayodhya) to Kekaya, they crossed one by one — the river Mālinī (Malini) at first, then Gāṇgā (Ganga), the land of Pāncāla (panchala) and two villages called Tejobhibhavana and Abhikāla (Abhikala), and then reached the bank of the river Ikṣumatī. Crossing this river, they entered the land of Vāhlīka (Vahlika).

The āśrama (asrama, hermitage) of Sage Kapila was located on the bank of this river.

In Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana) Ikṣumatī is mentioned as a sacred Pitṛtīrtha (Pitritirtha; a pilgrimage site sacred to the forefathers’ spirits). it is said that the Pitṛgaṇa (Pitrigana, spirits of the forefathers) abide in the place where Ikṣumatī gets assimilated with the flow of Gaṇgā.