A hilly pilgrimage site. It is said that Himālaya (Himalaya), the king of the mountains, installed Acaleśvara liṅga (Achaleshwara linga) in Śivarudrapura (Shivarudrapura)— tatra pitrā suśailena sthāpitaṁ svacaleśvaram.

Acaleśvara is a holy place. Along with Mahādeva Śiva (Mahadeva Shiva),the place is also famous because of Skanda-Kārtikeya (Skanda-Kartikeya). The temple of Kārtikeya, the general of the army of the gods, is situated near the  pilgrimage of Acaleśvara. It currently lies 4 kilometres away from Batala station on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway line, at Gurdaspur in the Punjab. In the central temple there is a śivaliṅga (shivalinga) as the central deity, and also the idols of Pārvatī (Parvati) and Kārtikeya are present. The story goes that it is the same place where the Vasu and Siddha (types of demigods) performed yajña (yajna). Legends say that even Guru Nanaka performed tapasyā (tapasya) in this very place. A fair is organised there annually on the ninth and the tenth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Kārtika (Kartika; corresponding to late October-early November) in the Hindu calendar.