In the ancient times, the areas inhabited by the people belonging to the lower castes were referred to as acyutasthala (achyutasthala). It is a common adjective. In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) the areas specified as acyutasthala were deemed uninhabitable.

yugandhare dadhi prāśya ūṣitvā cācyutasthale
tadvadbhūta laye snātvā saputrā vastumarhasi.

Inhabiting acyutasthala requires one to perform special ārādhanā (aradhana; prayer or worship) for the remission of sins. It is, therefore, apparent that in the Aryan culture and civilisation the land inhabited by the banished non-Aryans were known as acyutasthala.

  • Living in acyutasthala prevents one from reaching heaven.