A place of pilgrimage located in Himālaya (Himalaya; the Himalayas). 

This holy place is also famous as a shrine suitable for performing the funeral rites of the manes. Performing last rites of one’s ancestors and giving away things in charity at this holy site earns one great puṇya (punya). 

There is also a shrine called Aṭṭahāsa in Vārāṇasī (Varanasi; Benares), where the deity worshipped is a śivaliṅga (shivalinga) — mukhaṃ liṅgaṃ tu taddevi paścimābhimukhaṃ sthitam

. P. 47”]

A site of pilgrimage called Aṭṭahāsa can also be found due east of Labhpur in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal. According to legend, the upper lip of Satī (Sati), the wife of Śiva (Shiva), fell at this place. The goddess Satī is worshipped here, going by the name of Phullarā (Fullara).